Aqua Diva


Fresh aqua accented with yellow golds. Beautifully Lady-like, with a side of Glam Doll.

A view from the penthouse ~ Avery

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It’s Friday, Look Fabulous!


Friday nights I think fun, nothing too serious, GNO, easy breezy stunning. This style of dress fits the bill. It is so easy to wear and lets be honest, comfy and hides a multitude of sins…if you’re a sinner ;) Very chic, very spirited. Add accessories with interesting details, and you’re a goldmine of style. Boom!

A view from the penthouse ~ Avery


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Shoe Addict: Fierce Nicholas Kirkwood Sandals


These Nicholas Kirkwood shoes make me happy. Colorful, artsy, edgy, wow. Easy to wear with a jumpsuit, denim skirt, romper, or boyfriend jeans….the list goes on!  The platform to heel ratio makes for a more comfortable step, but definitely a strut-worthy and sashay away sandal!

A view from the penthouse ~ Avery


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Do The Hustle Back to 70’s Style!


Halston, Bianca Jagger, Studio 54, the original Charlie’s Angels, The Hustle, Farrah’s feathered long hair, gold lame’, Disco fever. All glamorous throwbacks to the 70’s. The basic uniform of the decade were halter tops, flares, and platform shoes. To keep it from being too costume-y, I pair the sequined tops with a flare-style white jean. In the 70’s, you would never wear your blue jeans and sequins together. Now it is the norm.

Dance all nite long, Ladies!

A view from the penthouse…and a blast from the past ;)  ~ Avery


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Mother’s Day Or Ladies Who Lunch!


Mother’s Day festivities, Garden Party, Ladies Who Lunch. This mix of vintage and updated spice will take you many places. The traditional 50’s dress is versatile enough to wear with the cute platforms shown here, or a ballet flat, ala Sabrina. Think Audrey Hepburn. A brooch adds pizzazz or wear pearls for the classic 50’s look…or wear them both! Either way you wear it, mixing Vintage and current styles always makes for a cool and fashionable moment.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!!!

A view from the penthouse ~ Avery


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It’s Hat Season! Meet Lady Sharma


Hat season is here, and we are excited! Hats are an exclamation point to any outfit and shouldn’t be left out. I met a Milliner on Social Media that I fell in adoration with. Her designs are head-turning and her personality, fabulous. Lesley Sharma is the brilliant Founder of Lady Sharma, in the UK. She creates a myriad of magnificent styles such as Sculptural that defy gravity, and Couture masterpieces for attending events like Royal Ascot. Beautiful all occasion hats and custom-made are also offered, so there is something for every stylish woman.

Sometimes I feel I belong in England, where hat and gloves are de rigueur. In the U.S.A., unless you’re going to the Kentucky Derby, you’re looked at a bit strange when wearing a magnificent piece of art on your head. We need to try harder to be a bit more regal, artistic, or fashionable by donning a chapeau. I think the generic fashion world is taking baby steps in the right direction, but why wait for them?! Make your own fashion statement and let the rest of the sheep follow.

The Lady Sharma hats featured above are just a chosen few of my favorites. Lesley’s artistic eye and desire to use unique, sumptuous, quality materials resonates clearly in her pieces. Please visit the boutique online to view the exquisite selection of Ready-to-Wear designs. If you are interested in Bespoke Services, see the website for more information to connect with the designer. Merchandise is shipped worldwide, so find OR create your own occasion to wear a Lady Sharma hat. Your inner Diva will thank you!

A view from the penthouse ~ Avery

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Derby Style


Are you Derby ready?! The running of the 141st Kentucky Derby is this Saturday! If you’re not headed to Louisville, then why not head to a Kentucky Derby party?! Dressing to the nines, sipping Mint Juleps, wearing gorgeous hats, and my favorite part of the race, the call for Riders up! When you hear “Riders up”, the jockeys hop up on their horses… it’s time to pay attention and my heart starts beating fast in anticipation.

Some people will ask, why dress for this race? I say, WHY NOT?! I live for a fabulous dressing moment, and this is one not to pass up. Look at the photos from the past Kentucky Derby attendees. Major eye candy!

Don’t pass up your time to shine, wine, dine, and maybe win a few friendly wagers!

A view from the penthouse ~ Avery

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