My Oscar for the Red Carpet Best Dressed Goes To….


Head to toe, Margot Robbie took my Best Dressed honor at the Oscars, 2015. Hair and make up were perfect, as usual. Her black gown by Yves Saint Laurent gave off a smoldering 70’s vibe, but the real star of the show was her Van Cleef and Arpels museum piece necklace. What a stunner.wpid-screenshot_2015-02-23-17-07-37.png

I must admit I was underwhelmed by the Red Carpet this year. Not one gown made me moan, swoon, or bow down. It is upsetting as these celebrities have everything available to them so these mediocre choices shouldn’t happen! You can blame it on Fed Ex being stuck in Memphis unable to deliver, but I don’t think so.

Emma, Lupita, Rosamund, and J-Lo made me smile, but that is about it. Sad. This year wasn’t easy to adore the looks at the Academy Awards, but it wasn’t full of horrible mishaps either. There is always next year, call me.

A view from the meh Red Carpet ~ Avery


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Keep it Classic; Olivia Pope Style





White and black, my favorite combination. So chic, clean, elegant…classic. Add a red lip and nail, and gold accent for the only notes of color.  You have a Boss-Lady-Strut-Worthy ensemble to show the world. You are in charge, Olivia Pope style. Be a Gladiator in your modified Spectators.  ;)

Handle it and carry on.

A view from the penthouse ~ Avery


Use these items pictured as a guide.

Style Lesson


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The New Neutrals Won’t Bore You



Animal print, blush, pearls, metals…rock n roll neutrals. Always classic, at times hard to wear, ho-hum, boring. The word ‘neutral’ makes me sleepy, but neutrals aren’t dull anymore! The new neutrals can add detail and a twist to your look. Don’t be bogged down with blah, drab, plain. No more wallflower for you! Play with it, have fun, and be chic all at the same time.

This isn’t your mother’s beige suit.  ;)  Luckily, we have evolved.

A view from the penthouse ~ Avery

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Happy Swank Monday!


This coat needs a moment to shine, add an orange leather skirt and turn these grey days into happy ones! I would wear a black or ivory sleek turtleneck sweater underneath, so the coat is the star. When you take the coat off, you have a simply chic ensemble.

To prevent this look from going too Halloween-ish with its black and orange, break it up and bring it back to earth with a bit of beige in your shoes and bag. Don’t forget your sunglasses. I wear sunglasses year-round. The sun shines, the snow glows, you squint. Sunglasses are a major accessory everyone should have and wear, no matter the season.

Now, you have an ideally swank Monday….sashay away.

A view from the penthouse ~ Avery

#Style lesson

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Fierce Friday Fashion


Fierce dressing Friday tips. When the dress is the focal point with so much print going on, keep your accessories simple. Put up your hair if it is longer than your shoulders, wear clean make up with a red lip and good brows. Always be cautious of the fabric your garments are made of. In this case, you don’t want anything catching or pulling on the knit, so pair it with a smooth, chic clutch instead of a bag with a strap. You could wear tights with this, but if you have great legs, go bare if you dare!

Strut, Baby!

A view from the penthouse ~ Avery

Reminder: Use these items featured above as a guide for inspiration.

Styling lesson.

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Last Minute V-day Gift Tips!: Guys, Keep it Simple


I’m super easy to buy for, so if anyone says that I’m not, they’re either a liar or a quitter! ;) Here are some ideas as to what makes me (and most girlie girls) happy, and pointers for finding what your Love may enjoy and think outside the box. 

My personal material obsessions are shoes, bags, sunglasses, and lipstick.  They need not be designer labels, just decent quality. The above images are only for guidance. It is generally more pleasant to receive accessories than clothing due to size discrepancies…unless you have the exact item number, color, and size written out for you. No one wants their Darling to give them the wrong size. It is not a big deal with shoes, but with clothing or lingerie, uhhhh…yes.

A few edible ideas…


What I prefer more than a box of crummy chocolates (I love chocolate, but epic chocolate) or a bouquet of red roses (I hate red roses. Make them white, ivory, or sterling)….. here are some sweet alternatives.

-Bring me a heart-shaped doughnut (or any doughnut) in the morning to have with my coffee, it makes for a perfect way to start the day. I love a doughnut. Not expensive, not hard to find, but I rarely buy them myself. What does your Honey adore, but rarely has?

-A bottle of Champagne is always a favorite and screams “You are special. Let’s celebrate!”. If too pricey, find a sparkling wine or juice. Something adorned, because it’s in the details.

-French Macarons. NOT macaroons…they are terribly different. Macaroons are a coconut gem, macarons are airy things of beauty. I like both, but prefer a macaron because I can’t make them myself. Rose, raspberry, and pistachio are my flavors of choice. Make sure you have the specifics about your Sweetie’s likes and dislikes.

It’s not Rocket Science, and you don’t have to take a loan out for any of them. Just find out what your Valentine’s favorite loves are…that’s what makes the difference. The things they don’t (or rarely), buy or can’t make themselves. Something they have said in passing or noticed they pointed out at a store. Do something different. If they do love flowers, give them a pass to the Botanical Gardens! I received that, and it was one of the sweetest gifts ever.

So, simply put, be thoughtful. If they don’t appreciate that, find yourself a new Valentine!

I hope your day is as sweet as you are!

Love and XO, Avery


Items shown above: Stella McCartney sunglasses, Casadei shoes, YSL lipstick, Chanel bag. Veuve Clicquot Rose’, Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Macaron maker unknown. Laduree or Le Macaron are personal favorites.


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It’s Time for the After Party!


Award shows, charity galas, or any celebration, everyone should be prepared for a VIP AFTER PARTY!

First, retire the flowing gown. Change into something special, easy to move in, and completely swoon-worthy! Second, refresh your make up and hair. Third, a change of shoes is a brilliant idea, your feet will thank you.

You’re good to go for the rest of the night!

Time. To. Strut.

A view from the Red Carpet ~ Avery

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