Men, Is Your Shoe Game Tight and Right?



Fellas, How’s your shoe game? Like it or not, women  do check out your shoes. Why? They speak volumes! Have you ever heard the phrase, “Its in the details”? It most certainly is, and that includes dressing. Specifically, footwear. This is where so many men fall down, image-wise. Maybe you need a shoe makeover.

My pet peeve is a guy wearing athletic performance shoes with his jeans. Add insult to injury, they aren’t clean or in good shape! Shoes meant for exercising have no place outside of the gym or off the playing field. Unless you’re wearing track pants or silky basketball shorts, leave the running and crosstrainer shoes at home. Basically, if you sweat in them, that’s disgusting and don’t wear them anywhere else. Yes, there are “athletic” shoes that crossover into fashion. There is a fine line and you need to know the difference. That’s why you need me!

Most men hate shopping, so let me streamline this for you. Beyond athletic shoes, there are 3 main categories of shoes you need in your shoe wardrobe with a plethora of levels beyond that, if you dare.

#1. The sporty fun shoe. A very casual shoe to wear with jeans and relaxed clothing. Made of canvas, suede, or leather material and can be funky or cool. A step above the athletic shoe. Great for running errands, stopping for coffee, a beer with the guys, or even….jeans, red Chucks, shirt, tie and a jacket to an informal dinner. Uber casual vibe.

#2. The driving shoe, loafer, or casual boot. A heavy tread sole, streamlined upper, or smooth chic. These are perfect for upping your casual game. They are super comfortable and look amazing.

#3. Dress shoes. Figure out your style. If you prefer trendy, like sleek European, or keeping it classic, there is a dress shoe for any type man. These are a necessity even if you want to fight it.  Wear with dress pants, a suit, or tux. Grown man attire.

See, wasn’t that easy?!

To finish, the most important point after you have your shoes, is to maintain them. Keep them clean, keep them shined, keep them in good condition. Make that a part of the daily routine of getting dressed. Whether it be work related or social, your shoes can make your break your image, so why not protect it?

Tip: Your shoes are a reflection of how you tend to other areas of your being. The ladies are watching ;)

All above shoes featured are to be used as a style guide, these are available at

Xo, Avery

Contact me for help in all areas of your look. The Style Penthouse, BOND Style Lab.

I am not a paid spokesperson for any vendor stated.

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